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SDX100 - for Soundscape

The SDX100 is a mixer plug in compatible with all Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations (Soundscape 32, Soundscape 16, R.Ed, SSHDR1-Plus) and DSP powered expansion cards (Mixpander, Mixtreme) that brings the legendary quality and character of Drawmer compressors to the Soundscape platform.


The SDX100 features many well-known Drawmer innovations such as Frequency Conscious Noise Gating, Program Adaptive Expansion, "Bootstrap" Compression and Zero Overshoot Limiting. With mono and stereo versions with or without key triggering and a choice of Noise Gate or Expander, The SDX100 is versatile enough to be used as either a channel dynamics package or a mixdown processor, and all its components can be used as a group or individually.


The SDX100's clearly organized graphical interface provides a high degree of real-time visual feedback, with clever touches, such as the threshold cursors that move alongside the meters, making it extremely easy to set up. Its sonic characteristics ensure first-class results with any type of source material.


The SDX100 has four main components:

Full band program adaptive compressor, switchable between normal and "bootstrap" operation with threshold, ratio, switchable knee characteristics, attack and release (switchable between manual and auto modes), and gain make-up controls.

Variable threshold limiter with five switchable release times.

Frequency conscious noise gate featuring sweepable HF and LF key filters, key listen switch, L, R, L+R and external triggering options, threshold control with easy set pointer and threshold meter, traffic light status indicators, full envelope control with attack, hold, release and adjustable range.

Full band expander with threshold, ratio, attack, release, range controls also a threshold meter.


Main Features:

  • Drawmer compression.
  • Frequency Conscious Noise Gating.
  • Program Adaptive Expansion.
  • "Bootstrap" Compression.
  • Zero Overshoot Limiting.
  • Sidechain allows ducking/de-essing.
  • Easy operation through superb graphical interface.


For further information please visit the Soundscape SDX100 webpage.





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