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Advanced Dynamics - for Mackie D8B

The ADX-100 is a dedicated software plug-in for the Mackie OS/Digital 8 Bus that utilizes 24 bit digital processing power to create a multitude of classic Drawmer dynamic effects. The ADX-100 is an extremely versatile dynamic effects processor and the Mackie D8B is the first mixing console in the world to incorporate Drawmer dynamics. This plug-in includes Drawmer’s industry standard frequency conscious gating, expander, compressions and limiting. The ADX-100 can be used during tracking and may very likely be the only effect you will use regularly between the microphone and the recording medium. This advanced dynamics processor will particularly appeal to engineers recording highly dynamic instruments such as a real drum kit. The ADX-100 has stereo inputs/outputs and can be easily inserted before the D8B’s master outs for stereo program mastering. These are only a few examples of how you will use this tool. The ADX-100 is instrumental in making the D8B an even more powerful modern music production tool.


The ADX100 provides either a Noise Gate or an Expander. Use the Noise Gate to shape the envelopes of percussive signals, such as drums. For vocals or other expressive signals, the Expander may be better suited to the task, since it can track the signal levels instead of simply switching on and off.


Main Features:

  • Left and Right input levels. -15.75dB to +16dB in 0.25dB increments.
  • Input VU meters. -42dB to 0dB.
  • Faders for quick parameter control. All thresholds and levels are in linear dBs, but other controls are scaled to a user friendly law which minimizes 'fine tuning' and allows a wide range of operation.
  • Mem A and Mem B Presets. You can instantly recall two preferred settings.
  • Noise Gate. Operates like an audio switch, and is particularly suited to percussive signals, where it can shape the envelope to create a crisp, well defined signal.
  • Triggering. Click on to toggle selection of trigger sources. In Stereo mode, the gate can trigger from either the Left or Right channels, a mono signal generated Left + Right or MIDI.
  • Envelope Controls. Control the speed at which the Gate opens and closes.
  • Gate/Duck switch. When Duck is selected, the operation is reversed, so that when the signal is above threshold, the output is attenuated. Below Threshold, the signal passes un-attenuated.



For further information please visit the Mackie Advanced Dynamics webpage.









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